Cold Callers was written by John Triggs and based on his experiences of life in a call centre.

A full pilot has been produced at 23 minutes and a 9 minute version is also available. Shot with an ensemble cast and talented crew we have created a funny, well-paced, professional and interesting comedy that showcases what we can create with a small budget and the passion of every member.

Joyce's Story was written by Marilyn Everett-Jones (formally a Bretton Student and fellow alumni of Mark Gatis) tells the tale of a rag tag bunch or deluded wannabe's and their unfortunate reliance on a failed and forgotten actor.

Made on a shoe string yet still holds the audience; it's a fine example of the minimum of what we can produce. The comparison between these two programs shows how fast we are improving.

Produced for a local barbers, we shot at distance to not get in the way of their business using long Macro Lenses and created a soundtrack based around the sounds of a barbers and all collected on location. The video introduces us to the character of the barbers and what they have to offer.
FSP is a growing Production company based in Leeds that creates original material using local talent and artists. Formed in 2015, FSP, has already produced Pilots, Shorts and viral videos and will produce successful TV and Film based in the north of England.

Cold Callers
​By John Triggs

Joyce's Story
​By Marilyn Everett-Jones

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Adverts and Viral Videos

One of a number of videos we produced for a local charity that sets up live performances to raise money and awareness for mental health.

Using a 4 camera setup and linking a separate recording device we tried to capture the music, the place and what they are trying to do.
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